Voice of India Books

Book Author
Perversion of Indias Political Parlance Sita Ram Goel
Hindu View of Islam and Christianity Ram Swarup
Ayodhya: The case against the Temple Koenraad Elst
Hindu Society Under Siege Sita Ram Goel
Defence of Hindu Society Sita Ram Goel
Ayodhya And After (Issues Before Hindu Society) Koenraad Elst
Freedom of Expression Ed. Sita Ram Goel
Catholic Ashrams: Sannyasins or Swindlers Sita Ram Goel
Collapsing Pakistan Ed. Dr. N.S. Rajaram
Update on the Aryan Invasion Debate Koenraad Elst
History Of Hindu-Christian Encounters Sita Ram Goel
Heroic Hindu Resistance to Muslim Invaders Sita Ram Goel
Hindu Temples What Happened to Them (Vol 1) Auth and Ed. Sita Ram Goel
Hindu Temples What Happened to Them (Vol 2) Auth and Ed. Sita Ram Goel
Holy Vedas and Holy Bibles - A Comparative Study Kanayalal M. Talreja
Indian Muslims - Who Are They K.S. Lal
Jihad - The Islamic Doctrine of Permanent War Suhas Majumdar
Jizyah and the Spread of Islam Harsh Narain
Negationism in India - Concealing the record of Islam Koenraad Elst
Psychology of Prophetism: A Secular Look at the Bible Koenraad Elst
ON HINDUISM Reviews and Reflections Ram Swarup
The Story of Islamic Imperialism in India Sita Ram Goel
The Calcutta Quran Petition Ed. Sita Ram Goel
Time For Stock Taking (Whither Sangh Parivar?) Ed. Sita Ram Goel
Genesis And Growth Of Nehruism Volume I (Commitment to Communism) Ed. Sita Ram Goel
How I Became Hindu Sita Ram Goel
Muslim League Attack on Sikhs and Hindus in the Punjab 1947 S. Gurbachan Singh Talib
The Ferengi's Columns François Gautier
Tipu Sultan (Villain or Hero?) **Many Authors**
The Legacy of Muslim Rule in India K.S. Lal
Theory and Practice of Muslim State in India K.S. Lal
Understanding Islam through Hadis (Religious Faith or Fanaticism?) Ram Swarup
Who is a Hindu? Koenraad Elst
Muslim Slave System in Medieval India K.S. Lal
Muslim Separatism - Causes and Consequences Sita Ram Goel
Ayodhya, the Finale – Science versus Secularism the Excavations Debate Koenraad Elst
The Demographic Siege Koenraad Elst
An Indictment - Whose Responsibility For The Failure of 1942 Ram Swarup
Religious Freedom Ram Swarup
The Word as Revelation – Names of Gods Ram Swarup
Jesus Christ: An Artifice for Aggression Sita Ram Goel