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An Indictment

Whose Responsibility


The Failure of 1942

‘Not because the people failed it But because the leaders failed it !


Editor’s Introduction

Hero-Worship is a general characteristic of Indian-life —and nowhere more so than in politics. Ignorance of facts—colossal both in Depth and Extent—is the cardinal reason for it. This series of ‘Changers’ Publications’ will try to remedy the defect in both of its aspects. It shall try to be both informative and interpretative. It shall also attempt to guide the trend of Indian Politics on more rational and national lines. This ‘phamphlet No. 1’ of the Series attempts a Nationalistic Appraisal of the Great Insurrection of 1942 and tries to investigate the causes of its failure. If the presentation seem unnecessarily bitter, we only say Failures are a luxury we can not afford to repeat. In order to avoid misunderstanding we may say outright that we have nothing in common with the so-called Communist Party of India. With us ‘India’s Freedom is first and India’s Freedom is last’ (Bose).


General Editor