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Appendix - Atrocities 401 to 592

Serial No. Place of occurrence District Date of occurrences Who the assailants were Details of atrocities committed
401 Dalianwali Gujranwala 26-8-47 do Hindus and Sikhs turned out completely destitute.
402 Chak No. 27 Multan 25-8-47 Muslim Military Hindus and Sikhs of this place forced to quit. The refugee train in which they travelled was stopped near Chhanga Manga and many shot dead by Police and Military. Several Hindus and Sikhs thrown out of running train.
403 Chak 127 (Teh. Khanewa) do 24/25-8-47 Muslim mob and Military By this date this entire Ilaqa had been over run by Muslim mobs and military and Hindus and Sikhs either killed or forced to quit.
404 Montgomery Montgomery Beginning of Sept. 1947 Muslim mob and Military Evacuee train carrying Hindus and Sikhs held up at Montgomery station under pretext that no coal was available. Even when Hindu and Sikh mill-owners agreed to give coal, train was not started. This train was later attacked at Raiwind, where large number of corpses of Sikhs killed at Raiwind, in another train, were lying near the track.
405 Waddh (Teh. (Gujranwala) Gujranwala 24-8-47 Muslim mob and Military 42 Hindus and Sikhs killed. 10 women abducted.
406 Lakhapur do 23-8-47 Muslim mob, Police and Military 13 Hindus and Sikhs 4 young girls abducted.
407 Haveli Lakha (Teh. Dipalpur) Montgomery End of Aug. 47 Muslim mob Village looted and Hindus and Sikhs turned out in a destitute state. Several killed and Hindu Sikh refugees not allowed any water. All taps at Station disconnected. One man who came out of train to fetch water for thirsty child was shot dead.
408 Tung Bhai Ke Gujranwala 28-8-47 Muslim Police and mob Force of 4,000 attacked this village. Gurdwara was burnt and many Hindu-Sikh women forcibly converted. Several Hindus and Sikhs killed.
409 Chauki Khurd Gujranwala 14-9-47 Muslim mob 4,000 Muslims attacked this village. Fierce resistance by Hindus and Sikhs. All forced to quit in a destitute state.
410 Maghiana Jhang 25-8-47 to 16-8-47 and 8-9-47 Muslim mob and officials All petrol pumps in this town sealed to prevent exodus of Hindus and Sikhs who were looted extensively and turned out into refugee camps destitute. Refugee train stopped at Badamibagh near Lahore.
411 Wanjari (P. S. Mian Chunnu) Multan August and Sept. 1947 Muslim Military and Police In this area several Chaks belonged to Sikhs. All Sikhs of this area were driven out of their homes and by 31-8-47 had collected in Chak No. 109. On 28th September severe firing on Sikhs by Muslim Military. Many Sikhs killed. Several shot dead on pretext of being called out for distributing rations.
412 Bhakhsiali Gujrat 5-9-47 Muslim mob Many women of this area abducted. Hindus and Sikhs left before much loss of life, in a destitute state.
413 Kot Adu Muzaffargarh 10-9-47 Muslim mob 1,400 people, mostly Sikhs killed, including women and children.
414 Bhera Sargodha 27-8-47 do On 27-8-47 several Hindu and Sikh Shopkeepers stabbed. Stabbing of Hindus and Sikhs by roving parties of Muslim goondas. Malakwal Hindus and Sikhs forced after killings to flee.
415 Dinga Gujrat 18-9-47 do 1,500 Hindus and Sikhs including women and children killed.
416 Mahar Gujranwala 5-9-47 6,000 Muslims 3 Sikhs killed. Huge property looted.
417 V. Chak No. 297 J. B. (Gojra) Lyallpur 8-8-47 6 Muslim constables 7 Sikhs shot dead.
418 Gojra do 8/9-8-47 Continued firing on Hindus & Sikhs by Muslim military Many casualties and huge looting.
419 Jaranwala do 28-8-47 to 8-9-47 Muslim Police and Muslim officials Assurance of safety given to Hindus and Sikhs by the D. C. and Hindus and Sikhs collected in Mandir and various other places. Firing by police and goondas on 8-9-47. Large number killed in Mandi, School and Turianand Hospital Refugee camps. 1,000 wounded. Attack planned after the visit of Pandit Nehru and Liaqat Ali Khan. 700 women abducted huge loot of Hindu and Sikh property most of them were well-to-do businessmen.
420 Chak No. 143 (Teh. Samundri) Lyallpur 4-9-47 & 5-9-47 600/700 Muslims Attack on and resistance by Hindus and Sikhs. Large number killed while evacuating to Samundri. Only 3 out a total of 700 known to have come out alive to India.
421 Kamalia do Round – about Aug. 15-47 Muslim officials Forcibly converted large number of Hindus and got 3,500 Sikhs and Hindus killed.
422 Mai Jhuggi do 13-947 Muslim Military, Police and mob in concert Searching and looting of convoy at Balloki Head (in Pakistan) territory by Muslim police and military. 4,000 detached from main convoy and fired on, only 250 survived. 8 more killed at Lahore.
423 Jhakar (P.S. Kamalia) Lyallpur 25-8-47 7,000 Muslims dispersed by Indian military who averted larger destruction of life, & property 3 killed, large loot. Gurdwara Prem Sati attacked and destroyed. Hindus and Sikhs numbering 5,000, forced to evacuate.
424 Chak 305 (P. S. Chatiana) and other villages. do 9-9-47 Muslims officials, mob, Police and Military People of 8 or 9 Sikh villages forced to leave houses under threat of shooting. Arms taken away and kept thirsty whole day. Systematic killing of those left in the rear and abduction of their womenfolk. These people entrain. Train stopped at mile 5 on Shorkot line, only 6 out of 5,000 survived from the systematic slaughter in this train.
425 Chak No. 74 (Teh. Jaranwala) do 22-8-47 Muslim mob People of Chak No. 74 forced to evacuate to Chak 75 (Khurianwala) Indian military arrived in time, engaged Muslim mob and saved the besieged.
426 Chak No. 301 P. S. Chutiana do 5-9-47 Armed Muslims Attacked Sikhs numbering about 3,000 while going from Chak 301 to place of safety and murdered many males, abducted many young women. Survivors looted by Muslim police and military at Balloki Head (Pakistan).
427 Vehar Bangla Jhang 26-8-47 and after Muslim mobs and Police Attack on Sikh villages by Muslim Janglis, which were evacuated by Hindu and Sikh inhabitants. Sikhs assaulted in village Jharoo but curfew imposed on Sikhs alone. One Sikh murdered during curfew and Sikh houses looted and valuables taken away during searches on flimsy pretexts. One jeep belonging to some Muslim Leaguers patrolled along the path between Lyallpur and Village Maisara and was used for shooting down any stray Sikhs.
428 Naurangabad Lyallpur 28-9-47 Muslim Military 85 Sikhs arrested after attack by Pakistan military. Extensive search and big loot carried away from Hindu-Sikh houses. This village in which about 2,000 Hindu-Sikh refugees had gathered from neighbouring villages kept long besieged by Muslim mobs.
429 Chak No. 302 G. B. Lyallpur 7-9-47 Muslim mobs and Military Several villages forced to be vacated. Train carrying Hindu-Sikh refugees attacked near Shorkot and the entire number killed. Only a few survivors.
430 to432 Chak No. 299 (Teh. Toba Tek Singh) Chak No. 272 and others do 8-9-47 do People of several villages collected in Chak 272, which was attacked and extensively looted. Evacuees from this place attack again near Salooni Jhal and many killed; great loot taken. Again the survivors looted by Muslim military near Balloki Head (Pakistan).
433 Chak No. 301 (Teh. Toba Tek Singh) Lyallpur End of Aug. and early Sept. 1947 Muslim Military & Muslim National Guards. Muslim military begins attacks on Sikh bustees. Muslim S. D. O. of area lulled Sikhs into false sense of security, but on 1-9-47, 5,000 Sikhs left the area. Still S. D. O. swore on the Koran to make them entrain in safety from Toba Tek Singh but they were detained in Chak No. 95 when they were attacked by Muslim military and Muslim National guards. Several women abducted. Finally, on 7-9-47 people put in train for India at Toba Tek Singh but train attacked by Muslim mob and “Guards.” About 1,500 killed between Toba Take Singh and Dabbanwala Rly. stations.
434 V. Chak 33/691 (Teh. Toba Tek Singh) Lyallpur About 15-8-47 Muslim mob Many killed.
435 Chak No. 204 (Narrator belonged to this Chak) do 11-9-47 & after for about a week Muslim Police, Military and mob Convoy looted by Muslim Police at Balloki Head (Pakistan). A portion of convoy diverted to Bhai Pheru, where in the attack 200 of convoy killed and 250 wounded, 15 women abducted. Other portions of convoy repeatedly looted and attacked. Near Khudian near Changa Manga, Canal bund broken to obstruct convoy, but later on repaired by Muslims on threat of reprisals by Indian Military.
436 Gojra do 15-8-47 to 20-8-47 Muslim Military & Police Shooting down of Hindus or Sikhs. About 200 killed.
437 Chak No. 484 (Teh. Samundri) do 1 to 2-9-47 Muslim Military leading mob Attack on and stiff resistance by Sikhs. About a dozen Sikhs killed; others evacuated.
438 Chak No. 296 Lyallpur 5-9-47 Muslim mob Sikhs attacked with assailants beating drums. Those who attempted to escape were pursued on horse-back and hunted down. Many killed.
439 Tarkabad Rly. Crossing do 3-9-47 Muslim Military 60 Sikhs shot dead at this crossing.
440 Loco Shed, Lyallpur do 3-9-47 Muslim mob 3 Sikhs killed in attack including one child.
441 Lyallpur do 4-9-47 Some Muslim One Sikh stabbed and killed in bazar while the D. C. was addressing a public meeting convened to maintain communal peace.
442 Nangal Dunna Singh Gujranwala 14-8-47 Muslim mob Attacked a group of 23 Sikhs out of which only 6 survived.
443 Manihala Lahore 20 to 21-8-47 Muslim Military with notorious Magistrate, M.G. Cheema Hindus and Sikhs ordered to leave village at 10 p.m. at half an hour’s notice; otherwise fire threatened to be opened on them. People left village in destitute condition. Attacked just outside village; many people abducted; some probably killed.
444 V. Wantao Lahore 18-8-47 Muslim residents In a Muslim population of about 2,000 there were only 5 or 6 Hindu and Sikh houses in this village. These were forcibly converted and asked to eat beef. This they refused on which a plot was made to kill them. They saved their lives by fleeing.
445 Chak 26 Khai Lahore About 24-8-47 Muslim residents Attack and looting. Hindus and Sikhs saved their lives by fleeing.
446 Kila Gujran (Teh. Chunian) do 18-8-47 Muslim mob and Military Early morning attack by Muslim mob of 2,000 led by Abdul Karim, member of the District Board. Hindus and Sikhs offered stiff resistance and had 12 of their side killed. Sick, old and maimed people left behind, and probably killed.
447 Jamsher Kalan do 29-8-47 Muslim mob and Military Mohammad Husain Ganja and Sheikh Mohd. Sadiq of Shamkot attacked with Military by beat of drums. Villagers left village but attacked while on the way by military. 50 men, 80 women and 70 children killed out of a total Hindu-Sikh population of about 500.
448 Jhok Khatrain Lahore 24-8-47 Muslim mob Muslims of 11 villages (Such as Bhungi Sial, Aliwali, Fatiana, Dhuliane etc.) armed with rifles, pistols and spears attacked this village. Several Hindus and Sikhs killed. Survivors numbering about 70 reached India in a completely destitute state.
449 Chak No. 8 Husain Khan (Teh. Chunian) Lahore 20-8-47 Muslim mob 600 Muslims attacked a solitary Sikh house and 5 Hindu houses. Two Hindu families forcibly converted, rest left in a destitute state.
450 Talwandi do 24-8-47 Muslim mob and Military led by Mohd. Hussain, M.L.A. 400 or more Hindus and Sikhs killed. All surviving women abducted. Large-scale arson. Survivors among Hindus and Sikhs turned out of village completely destitute.
451 Bhuchoke do 26-8-47 Muslim mob and Military Janga Arain, Pajjian etc., villages devastated, people of 16 villages left for village Bhamba for shelter, 20 or 25 families which were left behind attacked by Muslim mob and military and murdered to a man.
452 Bhai Kot Lahore 25-8-47 Muslim mob, Military and Police Attacked. People fled, after some casualties. This statement dated 27-8-47.
453 Kahna Purana do 23-8-47 do Attacked. Some fled. Majority still besieged up till 27-8-47 when this statement made.
454 Gohawa do 16-8-47 Muslim mob and police led by S.I. of Police Station Barki Made a full-scale assault on this village, which assumed full violence on 19-8-47. Large-scale massacre of Sikhs, women abducted, only few survivors.
455 Narwar do 21-8-47 Muslim mob and Military 22 Sikhs shot dead by being placed before machine-guns. About 80 killed in all.
456 Kani Wehr (P.S. Pattoke) do near-about 21-8-47 Mohd. Hussain, M.L.A. at head of a Muslim mob of 2,000 strong All villages in this vicinity attacked and looted and cleared of Hindus and Sikhs through violence and intimidation.
457 Sangoan (P.S. Khudian Teh. Chunian) do 15 or 16-8-47 2,5000 strong Muslim mob Military and Muslim National Guards Out of a total population of 200 Sikhs-only a dozen or so known to have escaped slaughter.
458 Katas Raj Jhelum 15-8-47 do Attacking force 500. The Mandir and Gurdwara thoroughly desecrated. Lethal weapons and rifles used. Attack made with drums beating.
459 Lahore Loco Lahore 13-8-47 Muslim mob Hindu employees killed.
460 Khori Dunna Singh Gujrat 15-8-47 do Sikhs and Hindus besieged and attacked.
461 Gujrat 15-8-47 and after do Villages Pharianwali Harjaswala, Lasauri, Chak Zahir, Masauri, Khanwali, Kunjab, Kang etc. thoroughly over-run by Muslims.
462 to 464 V. Jhorata V. Dhamray V. Bhatie Gurdaspur (now Sialkot) 17-8-47 and after Muslim mob and Military Sikhs massacred by Muslim mobs and Baloch military. British officers of Boundary Force helping Muslims indiscriminately.
465 Akalgarh Gujranwala 5-9-47 Muslim Military Attack. Hindu-Sikh women abducted and raped.
466 Valtoha Lahore Beginning of September, 1947 Muslim Military Sikhs turned out in a destitute state. Women, children abducted.
467 Bahawalpur Bahawalpur State 20-9-47 Muslim mob Big loot and killing of Hindus. Many women abducted.
468 Jarawala Lyallpur 28-8-47 do Hospital attacked where Sikhs from Sheikhupura had taken refugee. 57 Sikhs killed. 40 women abducted.
469 Baddo Jiona Lahore 26-8-47 Muslim mob & Police Looting and killing of Hindus and Sikhs on a large scale.
470 Hathar do 19-8-47 Muslim Surrounded Hindus and Sikhs at Jorewala Head and killed 1,200 (including women and children) 100 women abducted and many forcibly converted. Sikh scriptures desecrated in attack on Gurdwara.
471 Dholan do 18-8-47 Muslim mob, Police and Military Sub-Inspector of Police asked Hindus and Sikhs to leave in a destitute state or they would all be shot dead. When they complied they were attacked and many killed.
472 Ram Thamman do 24-8-47 Muslim mob and Military Several villages in this area attacked. Looting and killing by Muslim military.
473 Jagoowala do 24-8-47 Muslim mob Out of 1,400 Sikhs and Hindus of this place only 50 are traceable, the rest were massacred.
474 Jheeng Chak 7 (P. S. Pattoki) do Towards end of August, 1947 Muslim mob and Military In this attack several Sikh men, women and children killed. The rest sought shelter in neighbouring areas, rendered destitute.
475 Jheeng Jattan (Teh. Chunian) Lahore 29-8-47 Muslim mob Hindus and Sikhs looted and, turned out of hearths and homes.
476 Autak Awan do 26-8-47 do Hindus and Sikhs attacked and rendered destitute and turnout.
477 40 Chak Jaguwala do 25-8-47 do 8 Hindus and Sikhs killed. Rest turned out destitute.
478 Chak 37 (Teh. Chunian) do 26-8-47 do 4 or 5 Hindus and Sikhs killed. Rest turned out destitute.
479 Darieke do 25-8-47 Muslim mob, Police and Military Large number of Hindus and Sikhs killed. Rest saved lives with extreme difficulty and left in a state of destitution.
480 Sultanke Mokal do 25-8-47 Muslim mob 6 or 7 killed. Rest turned out in a state of destitution.
481 Jaggal (Teh. Chunian) do 17-8-47 do Large mob attacked this village which had a small Hindu-Sikh population. Many killed and women abducted. Rest rendered destitute.
482 Alipur Chak Sher (Teh. Chunian) do 25-8-47 Muslim mob, Police and Military Several Hindus and Sikhs killed. Rest rendered destitute.
483 Naroke Majha (Teh. Chunian) Lahore 27-8-47 Muslim mob, Police and Military Several Hindus and Sikhs killed. Rest rendered destitute.
484 Karanke do 17-8-47 do Hindus and Sikhs attacked, looted and turned out destitute.
485 Ganje Sandh do 25-8-47 Muslim mob 50 to 60 Hindus and Sikhs killed. Rest fled destitute.
486 Mukam (Teh. Chunian) do 24-8-47 do Hindus and Sikhs turned out destitute.
487 Danke Kalan do 19-8-47 do 200 Hindus and Sikhs killed, about 80 or 90 women and children abducted.
488 Gahawa do 17/18-8-47 do About 200 Hindus and Sikhs killed. 5 women abducted.
489 Harbhaleke do 5 Bhadon (end of Aug. 47) Muslim mob, Police and Military 5 Hindus and Sikhs killed. Rest fled in a completely destitute state.
490 Aujle do 26-8-47 do Forced Hindus and Sikhs to leave their hearths and home in a completely destitute state.
491 Halla Malisan do Towards end of Aug. 47 do Three men and some women forcibly detained and converted tacked and rendered Sikh population evacuated in a destitute state.
492 Bughiana Kalan Lahore Middle of Aug. 1947 Muslim mob People of this village and ilaqa sought shelter in Talwandi which was attacked by Muslims with police force. 600 Sikhs killed after severe fighting. General loot and depredation by Muslims.
493 Raja Jang do 29-8-47 & 25-8-47 do Attacked village and Railway station. 50 Sikhs killed. In next day’s attack many more casualties among Hindus and Sikhs. Forcible conversion of Hindus and Sikhs. Women abducted.
494 Bagiana (Teh. Chunian) do 17-8-47 do All Sikhs forced to leave in a destitute state.
495 Manawan do 19-8-47 Muslim mob, Military and Police Attacking force 3000. Stiff resistance by Sikhs. Several Sikhs killed and several women abducted.
4961 Dholan (Teh. Chunian) do 18-8-47 Muslim mob and Military Sikh, forced to quit village. On the way near Laliani attacked by Muslim mob and military and in firing several Sikhs killed and wounded.
497 Ratti Pindi do 22-8-47 do Hindu and Sikhs forced to flee for life, attacked in several places on way to India.
498 Sundar (P.S. Chung) Lahore Near about 22-8-47 Muslim mob Attacking force 2000. Sikh houses burnt and looted and Sikhs forced to quit in a destitute state.
499 Bhobatian (P.S. Chung) do Near about 20-8-47 do Attacking force 1000. Sikhs forced out in a destitute state.
500 Laliani do 16-8-47 Muslim mob and Military Attacking force 3000. Sikhs and Hindus forced out in a destitute state.
501 Padhana (P.S. Sarai Mughal) do 26-8-47 Muslim mob, Military and Police Some women abducted. Entire village looted. All Hindus and Sikhs forced out in a destitute state.
502 Halloke do 21-8-47 Muslim mob and Military 40 Sikhs killed. Some women abducted. All Sikhs forced out in a destitute condition.
503 Deda do 20-8-47 Muslim mob All Sikhs forced out in a destitute state.
504 505 1. Aino Bhatti (P.S. Manawan) 2. Babakwal do 18-8-47 Muslim Military and mob Heavy firing on Sikhs. 16 Sikhs of Aino Bhatti and 1/3rd Sikh population of Babakwal killed.
506 Taro Gill do 23-8-47 do Several Sikhs and Hindus killed, rest fled to India in a destitute state.
507 508 1. Chhapa 2. Narwar Lahore 18-8-47 Muslim mob and Military 400 Sikhs killed and 300 wounded.
509 Wandar (Teh. Chunian) do 26-8-47 & 27-8-47 do Sikhs forced out in a destitute state.
510 Talawandi (Teh. Chunian) do 8 Bhadon (End of Aug. 47) do Attack made by beat of drums. Battle given by Sikhs for 6 Many Sikhs killed. Only 40 reported to have reached India.
511 512 1. Khara (Teh. Chunian) 2. Kot Mehtab Khan do 24-8-47 Muslim mob Attacking force 1500. All Hindus and Sikhs residents forced to leave in a destitute state. Large number of forcible conversion in place No. 2.
513 Chak No. 69 (P. S. Pattoki) do 1 Bhadon (After middle of Aug. 47) do Sikh and Hindu residents forced to leave in a destitute state.
514 Padhana do 20-8-47 Muslim mob, Police and Military Attacking force 4000. Police begin harassing Sikhs. One prominent Sikh shot dead by Police. Some Sikhs spirited away in Police lorries and are since unaccounted for. Women abducted. Sikh houses and Gurdwara burnt. About 100 Sikhs killed. Entire village looted.
515 Hindal (Teh. Chunian) Lahore 24-8-47 Muslim mob, Police and Military Attacking force 10,000. Sikhs began evacuating after first attack ill which several Sikhs killed. Evacuees attacked several times oil tile way and loss of life inflicted. Muslim military shot a large number of Sikhs dead.
516 Dingshah (P. S. Khudian) do 22-8-47 do All Sikhs forced to leave destitute. Some 20 forcibly converted.
517 to519 1. Daftuh (P.S. Laliani) 2. Uche Niwen Ladheke 3. Jhedwan do 21-8-47 Muslim mob Sikhs and Hindus fled towards India for safety. Sikh women abducted on the way. Sikh women from villages No. 2 and 3 also abducted by Muslims.
520 Karbath do 22-8-47 do Some Sikhs forcibly converted. Gurdwara desecrated. Several women abducted.
521 522 1. Karwat 2. Ghawind do 22-8-47 Muslim Police Military and mob Sikhs and Hindus forced out in a destitute state and later attacked near village Ghawind.
523 Jia Bagga (P.S. Kahna Kachha) do 27-8-47 Muslim mob 1000 Sikhs and Hindus killed.
524 Halla Manesan (P.S. Sarai Mughal) do End of Aug. 47 do All Sikhs and Hindus forced out in a destitute state.
525 Deth Sial (P. S. Chunian) Lahore 27-8-47 Muslim mob Sikhs and Hindus besieged, women abducted.
526 Gandhi Avtar do 26-8-47 Muslim mob, Military and Police Sikhs and Hindus forced out in a destitute state.
527 Beharwal (P.S. Sarai Mughal) do 27-8-47 Muslim mob and Police Sikhs and Hindus forced out in a destitute state.
528 Serai Mughalwali do 3-9-47 do As above.
529 Pathanke do 14-8-47 do As above. 2 Sikhs killed.
530 Ghanieke (P. S. Chunian) do 26-8-47 Muslim Police and Military Hindus and Sikhs forced out in a destitute state. Many killed.
531 to 538 1. Orara (Teh. Kasur) 2. Bunga Manan 3. Bhila 4. Athilpur 5. Sahari 6. Wadana 7. Lakheke 8. Rakhanwala do 18-8-47 Muslim mob, Military and Police, Muslim National Guards On announcement of Boundary commission award Muslims of Kasur area let loose a reign of murder, arson and looting against Sikhs and Hindus. Gurdwaras were burnt down. Nearly one hundred Sikhs killed round-about Orara. Thorough arson and looting in Sikh lunched by Muslim mobs in Kasur and its surroundings.
539 Her Lahore End of Aug. 1947 Muslim mob About 50 women and children abducted and forcibly converted.
540 Hindu-Sikh Refugee train do 19-8-47 do Train stopped at Khudian Rly. station and large-scale massacre of Hindus and Sikhs took place.
541 to 543 1. Rohtas 2. Sanghoi 3. Vahate Khewra Jhelum End of Aug. 1947 do All Hindus and Sikhs of these places killed or burnt to death.
543 A 543 B Khewra Pind Dadan Khan Two refugee trains from Jhelum Distt. do do Jhelum Gujranwala and Lahore Early Sept. 1947 do 3rd week Sept. 47 do do do Large loss of Hindu and Sikh life and property. -do- -do- Massacres of Hindus and Sikhs at Chalisa, Kamoke, Lahore and Harbanspura.
544 Jhelum Jhelum 25/26th Sept. 47 Muslim military & officials 700 Hindus and Sikhs shot dead. Women molested and abducted. Huge property looted.
545 Naro Raiya Sialkot 26-8-47 Muslim mob and Police Attacking force several thousand. Large-scale looting and arson in Hindu-Sikh houses. False promise of safety to Hindus, Sikhs and Kabirpanthis. Forcible conversions. For long Sikhs of this area suffered a siege.
546 Nurpur Kalan (Teh. Daska) Sialkot 24-8-47 Muslim mob Surrounded the ten odd Sikh houses in this village and they were all forced to leave their houses in a destitute state.
547 Dadhaura (Teh. Narowal) do End of August 47 do All Hindus and Sikhs forced to quit in a destitute state.
548 Gujranwala (Teh: Narowal) do 25-8-47 Muslim mob and Police Purely Sikh village. One Sikh killed. Rest forced to leave in a destitute state after being looted.
549 Jajanwala (Teh: Narowal) do 24-8-47 Muslim Police Sikhs ordered by police to evacuate on pain of their houses being burnt. Out of 400 only 300 Sikhs escaped. Rest killed or forcibly converted. 4 women snatched. Sikhs made completely destitute.
550 Gota (Teh: Narowal) do 26-8-47 Muslim mob and Military Muslims of 12 neighbouring villages attacked Hindus and Sikhs of this village. Attacking mob armed with rifles and military bombs. About 12 Sikhs killed; 9 women abducted, and rest all forcibly converted and looted with thoroughness.
551 Sankhatra (Teh. Narowal) Sialkot 26-8-47 Muslim mob Hindus and Sikhs turned out in a completely destitute state. Arson in houses and Gurdwaras. 20 Sikhs killed and 40 forcibly converted.
552 Ransiwal (Teh. Narowal) do 24-8-47 Muslim Police Hindus and Sikhs forced to leave in a destitute state.
553 Sajada (Teh: Pasrur) do 28-8-47 Muslim mob Village surrounded. Hindus and Sikhs forced to leave in a destitute state.
554 Salarian do Beginning of Sep. 1947 do Convoy of Sikhs attacked; 4 Sikhs killed. Pitched fight.
555 Lahore Lahore do do Convoy of Sikhs from Sialkot attacked Ravi Road, Lahore. Several Sikhs killed.
556 Phalaura (Teh: Pasrur) Sialkot 18-8-47 do Several attacks. Sikhs and Hindus forced to leave in a destitute state. Forcible conversions.
557 Khanewal (Teh: Narowal) do 23-8-47 Muslim mob and Military Sikhs of several gathered in this village for safety. Military arrested all menfolked, women abducted and houses looted. Some of the men killed.
558 Dhilli (Teh: Narowal) Sialkot 26-8-47 Muslim mob Attacking force very large and armed with rifles and bombs. Large number of Sikhs killed and women abducted.
559 Badomalli do 29-8-47 do Attacking force 6,000. About 3,000 Hindus and Sikhs killed by rifle fire. Cannon, machine-guns and such other weapons freely used by assailants. 300 women abducted. Survivors forcibly converted. Attack made with drums beating.
560 Bhoi (P. S. Daska) do 1-9-47 do Very few Sikhs survived in the attack on this village.
561 Ladhewala (Teh: Narowal) do 25-8-47 do Sikhs all forced to leave in a destitute state and save their lives by fleeing.
562 Budhopur (Teh. Daska) do End of Aug. 47 do Sikhs of this village forced out of their homes and attacked several times on the way to India.
563 Nawal Kulla do 28-8-47 Muslim mob and Military Several Sikhs killed. 2 Gurdwaras burnt. Looting and arson in Sikh houses.
564 Ghiaspur (Teh. Narowal) do 20-8-47 do Several Sikhs and Hindus killed. Large-scale looting.
565 Basiara Sialkot End of Aug. 47 Muslim mob All Sikh-males killed; all women abducted and forcibly converted.
566 Kot Kalal (Teh. Daska) do 31-8-47 do Village attacked. Gurdwara attacked. Sikhs forced out.
567 to 569 1. Sattoke, (Teh. Daska) 2. Dalleki 3. Cheleke do 29-8-47 do Attacking force 5,000. Some Sikhs killed. Large-scale looting by Muslims in all these villages.
570 571 1. Melomer (Teh. Daska) 2. Dodeki do do do Muslims of 35 villages attacked. Villages looted and burnt. 1,500 Hindus and Sikhs burnt alive. Other villages looted in this area: Suhawi, Surangi, Tarochke, Rachhara, Kotli Baba Faqir Chand, Mukhta, Kotli Dasu Singh, Seeoke, Dharamkot etc.
572 Kuluwal do 8-9-47 Muslim Police and mob Sikhs and Hindus threatened with dire consequences if they did not evacuate from the village. As Sikhs and Hindus left they were attacked by a Muslim mob lying in ambush. 250 Sikhs killed. Large-scale looting.
573 Paura (Teh. Narowal) do 22-8-47 Muslim mob and Military Attacking force 5000, 20 Sikhs killed. Village burnt.
574 575 1. Shahke Wadalian Teh. Daska 2. Alipore Saydan Sialkot Muslim mob and Military Attack on refugee convoy leaving for India, 400 Hindus and Sikhs killed.
576 1. Partanwali 2. Badiana do 13-9-47 24-8-47 Muslims Military Firing on Hindu-Sikh refugee convoy.
578 to590 1. Gumtala (P.S. Shah Gharib) 2. Mtingari 3. Manpur 4. Panvanan 5. Kotli 6. Kotla 7. Bura Dalla 8. Chhajwali 9. Bhabra 10. Malla 11. Fatehpur Dattan 12. Kanjrur do 13-9-47 17-8-47 to24-8-47 Muslim mob, Muslim National Guards and Police Attack on Sikhs immediately on hearing announcement of Boundary Commission Award. Large-scale arson and killing in Hindu-Sikh houses. Arms and ammunitions supplied to Muslims by Muslim police. Sikhs butchered in traditional Muslim style of offering sacrifice, with slow torture.
591 Palah do 24-8-47 Muslim mob Attack on Sikhs. Gurdwara burnt.
592 Jamke Chima do End of Aug. 47 do Sikhs attacked and forced to leave homes in a destitute state.