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Glossary of Sanskrit Terms

Glossary of Sanskrit Terms

adharma, the wrong, the false

adhibhautika, the material, the physical

adhidaivika, the supernatural, the divine

adhyatmika, the Spiritual

agriyam, the earliest born

ahamkara, individuation, the Ego Principle

ahimsa, non-violence

ananta, endless

anathkarana, internal organs of cognition

anudAtta, grave sound in Vedic pronunciation

anukamp4a, compassion

aparigraha, non-possession, non- covetousness

artha, object to which a Sabda (sound) refers

aSabda, silent

asamprajnana, negated Knowledge

asteya, non-stealing

avibhaga, indivisible

avyakta, Primordial Reality, potential

bhava, mood bhimi, level or status of consciousness

brahmacarya, celibacy, chastity buddhi, Intelligence, Intellect

caksu-dyatana, the world of seeing

dama, self-restraint

dayda, compassion

deha, the body, the Physical Principle

dhama, resting place, station

dharma, the right, the true

dhdrand, continued meditation

dhyana, reflection, meditation

dhyana-bhimi, the contemplative plane of consciousness

dyotitartha, with no sound but only meaning

ekagra, ingathered, concentrated

ekagra-bhumi, state of one- pointedness

ekam sat, the One Reality

eka nidam, rested in one truth

eka rupam, merged in one form

etadvaitad, This also is That

girvanas, fond of invocation grahana, the inner perception grahya, the object

erhtr, the observer

guhahitam, concealed in the cave of the heart indriya, the senses

jagannidanam, Cause of the World Jyestha, the eldest

kama, desire

kama-bhimi, the sensuous plane of consciousness

karma, the law of action, potentiality

karunda, compassion

kavi, sapient, sage

kaydgni, body-fire, nerve-force

kirtana, singing Gods’ names

kramaripa, sequence and form

madhyama-vak, status of speech where it becomes mental

mahat, Vast, Intelligence

manas, mind

mantra, sacred or secret word

medhira, all-wise

mila-prakrti, the Primordial Principle

mildadhara, the solar plexus

nabhi, the navel

nama, the subject, thought

nama apicyam, the secret name

nama-rupa, Subject and Object, thoughts and things

namani guhya, the secret names

neti-neti, not this, not this

niravayava, without any vocal limbs or outer expression

nirvana, extinction, liberation nitya, permanent

para-vak, status of speech where it is established in its own luminous form

pasyanti-vak, status of speech where there is no distinction between the denoter and the denoted

pluta, protracted vowels

prakrti, the Primordial Reality

prana, the Vital Principle

prana-koSa, the Vital Sheath

prathama, the first one

pratigha, confrontation

pratyaksa devata, visible God

puru-ndman, bearer of many names

puru-ru=pa, of multiple functions and forms

pita-daksa, of pure vigour

rajas, quality of restlessness, passion

rajasika, restless, passionate

Rk, a Vedic verse

rupa, the object, the things

Sabda, sound

Sabda-nispatti, origin of sound

sadhana, spiritual practice

sahasraksa, thousand-eyed

sahasra-naman, thousand-named

Sama, tranquility

samadhi, absorption

samaga, singer of the Samaveda

samapatti, advanced stage of meditation in Buddhist Yoga

samskdra, mental tendency

samyaka Gjivikd, right livelihood

samyaka vyadyama, right exertion

samjnd, consciousness

Santi, peace

sarvatah samhrta-krama, concentrated

satnama, the true or secret name

sattva, the quality of purity, true nature

sattvika, pure, clear

satya, truth

Sauca, purity

sparsa, contact

Sravana, listening to scriptures or Gods’ Names

Srutigocara, heard by the inner ear

sikta, a Vedic hymn

svadhyaya, study of scriptures, self-reflection

svarita, circumflex sound in Vedic pronunciation

svaripajyotih, established in its own luminous form

tamas, the quality of intertia, dullness, obscurity

tamasika, inert, dull, obscure

tuvi-dyumna, very glorious

tuvi-jata, of powerful nature tuvi-susma, high spirited

udatta, acute sound in Vedic pronunciation

uru-gaya, wide striding, much praised

uru-jrayas, moving in a wide course

uru-ksaya, occupiers of spacious dwellings, the refuge of the multitude

uru-Samsa, widely praised

vaikhari-vak, the spoken word, the word produced in the mouth

vak, speech

varnatiritkta, beyond the syllables

vastusariipyam, that which takes the form of the thing it stands for

vedand, sensation, feeling

vijfdna, the Intellect

visvandman, including all names

yantra, mystical diagram yuva, youthful

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