Religion migrated from Europe.

3. Religion migrated from Europe.

We do not fully comprehend the causes of the rise and fall of nations and cultures. According to the Hindu way of looking, nations and cultures, like individuals, have their destinies and appointed time. The European spirit at that time was resurgent. It was making new discoveries and new conquests. It was a spirit which had affected equally the soldier, the trader and the clergyman. They all combined and opened up new continents for Europe. The sword, the ledger, the Gospel were partners for many years and they thrived in unison. They had superior guns, and for quite some time we all, the conquerors as well as the conquered also, thought that they had a superior religion too.

In India itself, their work was full of mischief. I have read the records of those times. One would have supposed that the men of God from Europe should have been in a better position to appreciate the working of the Holy Ghost in India. But unfortunately, it was not so. In fact, the European priest or missionary was more contemptuous of Indian religion and culture than the European administrator or trader. St. Xavier, Carey and Wilberforce, all missonaries, saw no good in Hinduism but only darkness and depravity, and they wanted their Governments to use force for the conversion of the heathens in India.