Conclusion-Hinduism universal, Deep and Inward.

29. Conclusion-Hinduism universal, Deep and Inward.

Hinduism is the oldest religion which is also still flourishing. It also represents what is truly the best in the new age—reason and universality. It is not a historical religion, a fashion of the day, a child of a particular age. It has something of the eternal, sanatana, in it. It has in its deepest thought concerned itself with man’s eternal verities, with truths of the awakened soul, truths of which a man himself may not be conscious in a particular state or age. It teaches you to live in the eternal while extending your time-vision at the same time. It links you with the transcendental, with the cosmic, with humanity, and with your own past and future lives. It gives you a sense of continuity, and brings you the message of immortality. It also teaches that there is no generation gap. A common life flows from generation to generation and what we receive from our ancestors, we pass on to our progency. Life is an offering, an oblation, a self renewal.

Hinduism satisfies man’s deepest spiritual and ethical urges. It has developed different methods that facilitate growth into a more meaningful, unitive and intuitive life. It is humanist in approach, worldwide in outlook; it fully admits reason, admits experimental and speculative approach in investigation. It is pluralist, compassionate, and non-violent in temper. In fact, it has all that man seeks in his deeper being and it is the product of this seeking. All deeper seekers who turn to it for guidance should find it immensely fulfilling.