Where seeking is There God is.

7. Where seeking is There God is.

The Hindu approach further believes that in every man there is a soul; and in all souls there is a seeking; and that wherever there is a true seeking and a sincere worship, there is God. God cares for sincere seekers, not for privileged sects, or favourite fraternities, churches or ummas. One can easily see that this insight is against those exclusive claims which some religions make of knowing the ‘‘One and the only true God.” Why should you know the true God and not your neighbour ? Are you better than him in the qualities of your mind and heart ? Is your worship truer and more sincere than his ?

In this approach, what matters is not how you define your God, but rather what truth, sincerity and intensity you bring to your search and worship. One’s God cannot be greater than one’s seeking. God comes to those who seek Him sin­cerely. He is no respecter of persons and denominations. In this approach, as one can see for oneself, there is no room for exclusive revelations, or the only Son, or the Last Pro­phet. The Hindu approach has a universal quality. There is no lawlessness or arbitrariness here.