Pluralism and Svadharma.

9. Pluralism and Svadharma.

So the Hindus believe in the plurality of symbols and stress the importance of the truth of seeking. To these they add another insight: that people have different natures, different dispositions, and different degrees of preparedness; that their starting-points are different, their capacities, talents and desires are different. Therefore do not look for one mode and one medium in people’s worship. Make allowance for their variety and respect that variety.

This attitude means that different peoples and different races have their own presiding genius, their own talents and their own svadharma. They worship the best when they worship through their svadharma. Therefore, we should imbibe an attitude of mind which believes that those who are not with us are not against us; that those alone are truly with us who are truly with themselves. We should not play the big brother in relation to others.