25. Biblical God Breaks and Burns Idols Vedic God Bestows Bliss



Biblical God orders His followers to destroy the aliens’ altars, break their images, cut down their groves and bum their carved idols in fire.

230. ‘5. But thus shall ye deal with them; ye shall destroy their altars, and break down their images, and cut down their groves, and burn their graven images with fire.’

- Deuteronomy, 7/5

That is why during the tyrannical rule of the Portuguese in Goa, Francis Xavier got established ‘Holy Inquisition of Goa’ under which Hindu temples were destroyed and idols of Hindu Gods were either broken or burnt in fire. Francis Xavier once declared :

‘I order everywhere the temples pulled down and all idols broken. I know not how to describe in words the joy I feel before the spectacle of pulling down and destroying the idols.’

- Francis Xavier


Vedic God bestows bliss and benediction, love and light on all men of the earth irrespective of their colour and creed. 1Jnlike Biblical God who curses and condemns, breaks and bums, Vedic God blesses all beings with love. He admonishes all to love one another and live in love with all

sa=dyaM saaMmanasyaivaWoYaM kRxNaaoima va: |
Anyaao AnyamaiBa =ya-ta vatsaM jaataimavaaGnyaa ||1||
a Aqava-vaod 3o30o1

I bless you to be free from malice
To live with concord and unanimity.
Love one another as cow loves
Its new-born calf.
- Atharva Veda 3/30/1

Here one important question arises whether God is one or two. All scholars of the world believe in the existence of one God, not two. If it is so, how can we describe Biblical God and Vedic God, whose characteristics, as mentioned above, appear to be quite contrary ? God as described in Bible is not the same as described in Vedas. Similarly God as described in Vedas is not the same as described in Bible, because One God cannot give contrary and contradictory sermons. If God is One, how can He demand sacrifice of animals and human beings in Bible, while precepting non-violence in Vedas ? Both actions are contradictory to each other. If God is One, how can He massacre all first-born babies in Bible, while teaching noble lesson of ‘Ahimsa Parmo Dharma’ (non-violence is the noblest religion) in Vedas ? If God is One, how can He say in Bible, ‘I have come to create rift between father and son, mother and daughter etc.’, while teaching in Vedas lesson of harmony and unity in family ? Both actions are quite contrary to each other. If God is One, how can He speak of slaughter of infants and ripping of pregnant women of disbelievers in Bible and fraternity and equality of all men in Vedas ? Both things are quite contradictory and contrary to each other. All the readers of this book will unanimously agree that God is one and that He does not give contrary and contradictory precepts. The rest is left to the wisdom and common sense of the readers to arrive at full logical conclusion.


‘Only those who are strong enough to protect not only themselves, but also to create fear in the minds of the enemies, can talk of peace, non-aggression and nonviolence.’

- Veer Savarkar

‘Peace and love are possible only between equals. The real enemies of peace are those weak people, who, because of their weakness, incite the strong. If we are weak, we commit the sin of disturbing world peace. The real cause of our degradation is our mental weakness.’

- Dr. K.B. Hedgewar

‘Our aim should be to bring about the militarisation of the nation and modernisation of the army. The aggressors shall have to be thrown out of the Bharatiya territory.’

- Pandit Deendayal Upadhaya