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Holy Vedas and Holy Bibles

A Comparative Study

Kanayalal M. Talreja

Rashtriya Chetana Sangathan

New Delhi – 110 001.

1. Vedic Monotheism and Biblical Doctrine of Trinity
2. Cult of Virgin Mary and Vedic Universal Law
3. Biblical God Creates Conflict, Vedic God Precepts Peace
4. Biblical God is Wrathful, Vedic God is Benevolent Friend
5. Mercy by Vedic God, Massacre by Biblical God
6. Bible Prescribes Death Penalty, Vedas Preach Reformation
7. Bible Denigrates Women, Vedas Elevate Them
8. Obscene Episodes In Bible, Moral Code of Conduct in Vedas
9. Bible : Torture Non-Believers, Vedas : Love All
10. Bible Preaches Atrocious Intolerance, Vedas Preach Fraternity
11. Biblical God Demands Sacrifice of Animals, Vedic God Saves Dumb Animals
12. Vegetarianism in Vedas, Flesh-Eating in Bible
13. Human Sacrifice in Bible Non-Violence in Vedas
14. Strain of Cannibalism in Bible, Purity in Vedas
15. Unparliamentary Language in Bible, Sweetness of Tongue in Vedas
16. Unscientific Teachings in Bible, Scientific Truth in Vedas
17. Bible Preaches Untruth, Vedas Preach Truth
18. Bible Condemns Knowledge, Wisdom and Philosophy, Vedas Promote Them
19. Biblical Doctrine of Damnation, Vedic Doctrine of Salvation
20. Doctrine Of ‘Be Good, Do Good’ In Both Vedas And Bible
21. Sermons Of ‘Forgiveness And Non-Violence’ In Both Vedas and Bible
22. Witchcraft In Bible, Divine Path in Vedas
23. Bible Establishes Slavery, Vedas Preach Equality And Liberty
24. Bible Preaches ‘Racism’, Vedas Preach ‘Equal Rights’
25. Biblical God Breaks and Burns Idols Vedic God Bestows Bliss
26. Biblical God Is Jealous And Vindictive, Vedic God Is Benevolent Father
27. Tyrannical Voice Of Biblical God Blissful Nature Of Vedic God
28. Butchery By ‘Biblical Men Of God’, Benevolence By Vedic ‘Rishis’